Who can Apply?

  • Full-time bursaries are awarded to applicants and dependants of staff who wish to study on a full-tine basis at a recognised tertiary institution
  • Part-time bursaries for staff wishing to further their education on a part-time or correspondence basis at a recognised tertiary institution. Grants to help staff with their education fees for their children at primary and high school level. Details


  1. Sisipho Mgentsu says:

    Hi I am Sisipho 18 years of age currently doing Matric.I promise you I am doing very well in Accounting.Now I would like to apply for an Accounting bursary for 2014 how do I do it?

  2. Abram Mosenye says:

    I would like the depatment of bursaries of Shoprite to forward me the application form for 2015.I am currently in matric and would like to furthe my studies in the proceeding year.I intend on doing a Bcom accounting degree at any SAICA accredited university.

    Your faithfully
    K.A Mosenye

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